The Midnight Station


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The Midnight Station Trailer

Download the game on our page here! The Midnight Station Page

Version 1.5 Changelog
– Fixed Unimportant Man bug
– Fixed another bug with The Weeping Leg


Version 1.4 Changelog

-Fixed an issue with exiting Weeping Leg’s Dialogue without asking about emotions preventing you from getting an important item. This will not interfere with your saves, but if you want 100% ending completion and you’ve already saved after the Weeping Leg goes to “sleep” you’re going to need to start a fresh save to get his item back. Sorry guys!

-Fixed a typo with Everman (two ofs)


Version 1.3 Changelog
NOTE: Your previous saves will not work with Version 1.3 and as a result anyone upgrading from version 1 to 1.3 will have to unfortunately restart the game from the start with this version. Your prior saves will still work and load with older versions but this update addresses some game breaking bugs. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, sorry guys!

-Fixed issues with opening Inventory during a specific cutscene, breaking game
-Fixed Item duplication error on beating the game which would lead to fatal errors if duplicated items were picked up
-Fixed certain transitions of rooms trapping the player.
-Fixed shop interface now displaying Weapon Costs and Fervour stats in their correct locations alongside blinking icons to display abbreviations of stats rather than just image icons.
-Fixed certain typos in the game (loose is now lose, weaping is now weeping, etc etc)
-Added shop sub-menu title above to better indicate that shops sell more than just weaponry
-Added ability to customize keys for better usability (for non-QWERTY keyboards and other playstyles, etc)
-Added options menu and changed title screen order
-Additional tweaks not important to add


Download Links (Windows only)

Direct Download: Grab the zip!

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MediaFire: Grab the zip! Don’t forget to read the manual!


Grab the OST here!