Welcome to a whole new world

  • Journey through the wild and fantastical realms of the Nanoverse with Nas and her friends in this rip-roaring whirlwind of a cyberpunk adventure to uncover the secrets lurking beneath the theme-park’s beguiling surface.
  • Collect Nanokin and craft your own creatures from the parts you find! With over 500 million different unique combinations available, forge the perfect team and go head to head against challenging bosses and ruthless encounters!
  • Traverse through pirate-infested waters, battle through intergalactic armadas and venture deep into prehistoric jungles as you explore incredible landscapes by jumping, sliding and using any tools you can to get the edge on the competition and find secret areas in the unique realms of the Nanoverse theme park. 
  • Forge bonds of friendship with the eccentric and diverse cast of characters inhabiting the park, enjoying the magical moments with your closest of kin and struggling forward with with them through the hardest of times in a heartwarming and emotional rollercoaster of a story of youthful dreams and the harsh realities of life.

an adventure unlike any other

  • Blurb that basically summarizes the plotline
  • Blurb exclaiming over 50 areas to explore in a wide variety of realms, each containing their own treasures, Nanokin and minigame attractions for the player to enjoy
  • Blurb containing more fluff about unique party interactions, background NPCs that also explore the park and a multitude of side quests. 
  • Blurb exclaiming that Nanokin’s storyline should run over 10 hours of gameplay, but with New Game+ and the plethora of minigames, it could run well into the 100s of hours

Rise up to the challenge within

  • Blurb about strategic choices in turn based combat where each turn could be your last if you don’t act accordingly.
  • Unleash powerful Overdrive combos that let you chain commands like a fighting game, allowing you to turn the tide of combat with a furious combo of your own making.
  • Blurb about the sheer number of Nanokin in game, each with their own unique parts and load-outs, allowing for intense customization unlike any other RPG. 
  • Fight unique bosses that test your skills and creative thinking with special attacks and mechanics that evolve as you progress and face increasingly difficult challenges.

a chimera of game genres

  • Blurb that talks about the game having exploration elements and a vast overworld to explore
  • Blurb going into more detail of the tools, from swords to hookshots and gliding capes
  • Blurb going into more detail of the mini games found in game, from breakneck racing to excavation exploration and arcade fun. 
  • Blurb exclaiming that Nanokin’s storyline should run over 10 hours of gameplay, but with New Game+ and the plethora of minigames, it could run well into the 100s of hours

kickstarter campaign tagline

  • Link to kickstarter, pitch about kickstarter, breaking down basic information
  • Mention of potential stretch goals, bit of detail behind the scenes
  • Reasoning behind kickstarter? Or just skip this entirely

A team of indies tagline

  • Blurb that talks about us being developers together for about 6 years
  • Blurb going detail about The Midnight Station, that recieved media buzz.
  • Blurb going into the diverse backgrounds of everyone involved. 
  • Blurb acting as pre-amble before introducing team via picture slideshow below. Folks who don’t want their photos up can ask for a portrait, maybe Fortidogi can help draw these?

Final call to arms

  • Encourage those reading to check the kickstarter out when it does go live, and to spread the word.
  • Include the Press-kit below here.
  • Include contact email here too.
  • Double include the social media icons in a row here.

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