About Us

Studio Anjin is a collective group of Artists, Musicians, Programmers and Designers, working together to create games of all genres and styles. We’re incredibly passionate and excited to bring a plethora of different games to you in the future!

We are currently working on Nanokin as our primary project, a Turn-Based RPG adventure for the PC, but have also dabbled with Arcade-style games, Platformers, Shmups, and many other genres across PC, IOS, and Android!

Who are we?

Kyle Riley
@MthisGKyle Riley
Kyle Riley has been making games for almost a decade and has worked on all aspects of game design from Music composition, Graphical Design (2D and 3D) as well as Programming and SFX design. Many previous projects posted on the site are experimental demos or games that he worked on, often solo for Ludum Dare Jams or other game-dev collaborations. Kyle is the founding member of Studio Anjin.


@MegaUltraJManJacob J. Ritz
Jacob J. Ritz has been working with Kyle for multiple years now as a Pixel Artist, Co-Composer, Audio Engineer and Designer at Anjin. An accomplished former speed-runner and a part-time streamer, Jacob’s experience with video games (primarily how to break them) is almost urivaled, and his pixel art has helped pave the foundations for Anjin projects past, present, and future!


@TheRealZargyC.L Kerl
Chris has been with Anjin now for a handful of years and has been an invaluable member of the team by helping out where the code is darkest; at it’s engine. The Midnight Station, Nanokin and other projects we’ve been worked on have been built through the systems Chris has implemented for them. Chris continues to grow and expand as a programmer, branching out from GMS into Unity, as well as presenting his own unique ideas to each project.


@EmmeboiManhorseEmil Lindgren
Emil is our awesome every man, capable of adapting on the fly and diving into things like Spine, effective ways to Heightmap through Spritelamp, and overall jumping off the deep end into more complex systems such as netplay that most people dare not touch. Emil has proven himself capable, helping to complete Parascythe X and having a hand in various other engines currently steeped in secrecy!
@oxysoftsNicolas Martel
Brought onto the team by Kyle, Nicolas is the newest programmer on the team, having joined in november of 2016. Nicolas is a self-taught programmer with five and a half years of experience under his belt, he is completely driven by passion, and the the most experienced member in using Unity. As a proud PSX kid, there is nothing in life that gets him more excited than a 3D game with vertex jitter, unfiltered textures, and restricted colors.


Get in touch

If you have any questions, queries or just want to get in touch you can catch us on our twitter along with our twitch.tv streams.

Tweet us at https://twitter.com/StudioAnjin.

You can also often find us hanging out on twitch.tv at the following links;