We’ve been crunching, oh boy we’ve been crunching.

Insanity Jam has ended and a whole host of great games have been posted up, all experimenting and testing out some really, REALLY bizarro ideas. They’re all awesome, and they all deserve playing, Alamantus has done a great job organizing the event and voting is going down, so you should definitely check these games out here!

But what’s this Getsuyaiba Densetsu? What’s this thing here? Postponed? Why? What reason?

Well, in a nutshell, we wanted to do the game justice. The game has grown from a basic but ambitious Shmup-RPG Hybrid entry for Insanity Jam 2 to a game that has enough character and charm to honestly deserve a longer development cycle. The game’s always been ambitious we wouldn’t be indie devs if we didn’t try flying close to the sun but with how much progress has been made and how close we are to the finishing line on this project we want to make sure that the entire world of this game gets the treatment it deserves.

So we’re spending a good 10 extra days polishing up, tweaking, adjusting, all that good stuff to make sure the game comes out as good as we can possibly make it. We’re pretty damn excited about getting it out, getting folks all over the net playing it and enjoying the quirky kind of humour and plot that’s going down at the moment with it and we’ll be posting it up shortly on the site, so keep your eyes peeled!

Check the forum post over here at . Give us some love on the posts and check us out on development streams here at! We’ll be seeing you 😉


Beyond this there’s obviously Game of Throne (just the one). We’re still working up a storm on this parody of the hit tv series and we’ll also be updating the demo shortly. The current alpha demo is still up for play, but we’ll be slamming in more content, more gameplay and more polish on the entire deal shortly.


Aaand if you haven’t checked it out, we also added ourselves a nanogame on android! Check it out, share it with your friends, like and try to aim for a high score if you can, it does help! :D. You can grab it here at

And that’s it! We’ll be seeing you folks soon, stay frosty ;).

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