While all’s been quiet, it’s only been quiet here. 

That might sound odd, but we’ve actually been pushing our focus forward on social media outlets, and even starting up an official blog for our upcoming project, Nanokin, at: https://nanokinofficial.tumblr.com/

What is Nanokin then? In short, all the answers can be found at the blog above! In short but…slightly longer, it’s an RPG adventure set in a theme park where collecting limbs and making a Mr. Potatohead monstrosity is totally encouraged! Nanokin has you creating, and battling your own monsters in a turn-based setting using an ATB system, not only that, you’ll have to solve a mystery that’s causing Nanokin to go totally wild! Players will take control of Nas, Jatz, and Serio, three youths to solve these mysteries and just maybe become the best Nano-Keepers!

We’re going to be overhauling the pages a bit for better organization, as well as adding a page for Nanokin, and an officially and unofficially announced other project! There’s not enough there to show, or talk about quite yet but rest assured we’ll update when we’re good and ready to show you all the juicy details.

It may seem as if we’re being tight lipped and mum on a lot of things, but rest assured it’ll all be worth the wait and we’ll keep you all updated as details emerge. Plus, we’ll be keeping you updated on Nanokin rumblings here as well!

Truth be told, we’ve been spending far too long waiting to show you guys games in motion, and the honest truth is sometimes it takes longer than anticipated causing us to outright neglect this site. We felt if we had nothing to show you, it wasn’t worth posting which is not true at all. The goal here on out is at the VERY LEAST to update you guys once a month. Though we’re truthfully shooting for at least once every week or two.

It wasn’t fair to you guys to keep you in the dark for 6 months, and we’ll be doing our best to be a bit more transparent about the development process as time goes on. Thank you guys for understanding, and look forward to more in the future!

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