We, at Studio Anjin, take our work very seriously. We often spend hours upon hours deep in thought, scratching our heads and ironing out issues as well as tossing ideas back and forth fiercely at eachother to produce the best products that we can. I felt it necessary to post a bit of a taste of this process, so that you can all share in the fun, excitement, and hard work that goes into producing a game.


Clearly, our overlord Kyle is delivering to us the most important information while we all slave away on super secret dialogue! In all seriousness, we’re hard at work plugging away on sound works for Project Nihilum and as always super busy on all fronts of Game of Throne. In fact, here’s a small preview of an upcoming boss I’ve  been working on to whet your appetites!


Yes, those are all pieces of something MUCH larger, but you’ll just have to wait and see the rest in game. Stay cool and sit tight, though summer is upon us… winter is coming.

– Jacob “UltraJMan” Ritz

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