Greetings everybody!

Kept you waiting, huh?

Fortunately, we didn’t arrive empty handed! This week we want to talk to you about the state of Nanokin and how it’s evolved over the last year of developmentĀ on it. While we aren’t keen to show a lot yet, let’s take a look back on the characters in their initial iteration, and in their final, current iterations.

Nas old:


Nas new:

Jatz old:

Jatz new:

Serio old:

Serio new:

As you can see, we initially built the game upon the premise that everything would be isometric, fitting to a smaller resolution. This allowed us to create smaller sprites in a quicker manner for prototyping the game via Game Maker Studio, furthermore it made for quick, easy creation of sprites in a timely fashion.

Things have definitely changed since then! As our hopes and dreams for this game increased in scope, so did the resolution and the care and craft that’s being put into each and every character. While the information regarding all those juicy details is being reserved for a later post, we can say that Game Maker Studio has been abandoned in favor of creating the game in Unity. Gone are the 2-directional isometric sprites of 2016, and here to stay are the 8-directional sprites of 2017!

We’re extremely excited to take this new step forward, and while it’s been in the making for a while the gears are officially turning and Nanokin is making tremendous strides. We’ve also settled on a final style for the game’s music, and at least 90% of how the game will be playing on both the overworld, and in battle.

Keep your peepers glued, because we have even more to share in the following weeks!

Until next time Nano-keepers!

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