Greetings, Nano-Keepers!

Today, we’re going to talk about scratch tracks! For a majority of Nanokin’s lifespan, the tunes were intended to be done with an 8-bit NES VST, though we weren’t following rigid constraints. Over the course of development and as the game evolved in both scope and visual style, we eventually reasoned that the 8-bit tunes weren’t quite gonna cut it. However, this isn’t stopping us from composing some of our songs in that style and then updating them down the line!

We’ll be sharing a couple of scratch track samples today, it’s up to you guys to imagine what kind of wild adventures you’ll be going on to each different song! Furthermore, far down the road and sometime around release, we’ll be releasing all of these scratch tracks as a bonus, so you can hear how a majority of them initially came together!

Without further delay, enjoy a few scratch tune samples:
Sampler from the ol’ Tumblr-reno!

Until next time Nano-Keepers!

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