Parascythe X – [Windows] Price: FREE!

A quick and exciting romp through 5 stages of Commodore 64 inspired blast em up action! Stop Parascythe X, and save the universe!

Made in just 72 short hours for Ludum Dare 34, this entry was a fascinating experiment to see just how much we could do when given a short time! It helped teach us a lot about our own personal limits, as well as how feasible it was to try and create a classic shmup with today’s tools!



The Midnight Station – [Windows] Price : FREE! (Pay what you want)


Hello World, are you still there?

A surrealist Action RPG originally conceived for SpeccyJam 2, explore the corridors and networks of the Architecture. Can you escape The Midnight Station?

Venture forth through an abstract world of monsters and machines as you dive through the many layers and levels of The Midnight Station. Improve your very being through Experiences or trade these memories for additional weaponry and equiment, negotiate and converse with various characters within this bizarre and unsettling landscape where nothing is as it seems…

This game is has been a great experience for everyone involved with it, a lot of this has been built up with the intention of replicating that olde style of gaming with a modern twist. Can you escape? Or will you wander these twisted corridors for all eternity?