So the Midnight Station has released and it’s had one hell of a reception. Most people who have played the game seem to be enjoying it immensely as much as they have been disturbed and sometimes terrified by the setting and theme and all that kind of abstract surrealist horror that we crammed into the game. This post is delving into a few things, so I’ll get started pretty quick.

Sadly we got some bad news with this version. Due to an issue with duplicate items (which aren’t good mind you, they crash the game out) the fix for this data overflow has resulted in older saves not being able to load with this new build. Your old saves are still on your machine and can be loaded perfectly fine with the older builds and shouldn’t cause too many issues but if you’re not too far in or you want to grab all the additional funcionality / bug fixes within 1.3 I’d strongly recommend updating to 1.3. The download links for dropbox (and soon Google Docs) have been updated to this build and we’ll be basing the Linux and Mac versions on this one as well. Stay tuned if you’re a Mac/Linux user, it’s coming! We’re sorry for the inconvenience this has caused but trust us, we wouldn’t want you keep you guys hanging with some of these bugs that crept through the floorboards during testing. Happy gaming guys, keep on rocking on and updating the Wiki page, theory crafting and TVtroping, it’s crazy to see so many people dig the game and want more. We’ll have to deliver in the future!

BTW, if you’re still lost with where to download the game, you can find the download links here at

If you’re using Chrome, go to View All Downloads, and then click on “Hurt Me Plenty” to allow the download for the game for the first few days of this release, because Chrome has to check the files first to see if it’s Spyware free (It is, don’t worry!). You can also grab it fine through IE or Firefox and we will also be posting it up on Google Docs too with an updated link when we get that stuff sorted out. Thanks!


That’s right! We’ve also got the OST released, up and ready for The Midnight Station, so if you wanna show us some love and grab the OST, maybe even donate a little towards it (It’s free, pay what you want so don’t worry about a pay wall with that) We got a lot of requests for the OST to be released so we got the album all uploaded and ready for any and everyone who’s interested. You can grab it here at, Enjoy!


ONE FINAL THING: On Game of Throne
OK, so we’ve done a lot of thinking about Game of Throne recently, the project, the writing and the scope of it. We’re pretty in agreement that although the game is pretty fun in terms of some of the mechanics and elements to it, it needs a fair bit more time on the drawing board in order to get it up to par with what we really want to achieve with it. This comes from a lot of looking in at the game and double-checking with others around us to nail down elements which we could improve and other things that detracted from the game such as the strange mish-mash of bizarro internet culture humour with more book/series related gags and jokes. We honestly want the entire thing to be goofy and a laugh, we don’t want it overstaying its welcome or being a weird case of “I got that joke/I didn’t get that” because at the end of the day just cramming anything and everything in is going to lead to project bloat and an overall confused experience. The final product is most likely going to be a short romp through some satirical commentary of the series specifically rather than delving beyond into more memetic references and general jabs at internet culture. It’s not to say that it isn’t funny it’s more along the lines of hitting the mark and focusing on what makes Game of Thrones Game of Thrones and what makes a fun game fun. Take it from us this game will get done we’re pretty damn determined on that but it needs more time.

And so you have it, that’s our update so far on things and the inner workings at Anjin. There’s actually a few other things we’re also working up a storm but we’ll keep those a surprise until later ;). Take care folks and have fun with whatever you’re doing out there. We’ll always be waiting here at The Midnight Station. Cheers!

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