EDIT: NATURALLY, there was a crippling bug with the release. BUT IT’S FIXED NOW. HUZZAH. Just redownload the files and play! Your saves are fine, don’t worry about a thing! Just REDOWNLOAD it from the same link and you’re golden!

You can hold the presses and your twitter accounts chaps, we’re not dead. We’ve merely been deving. My god, we’ve been deving. There’s a lot of questions I oughta answer, but first, lets get a drum-roll folks, for something big and wicked comes this-a-way and we’re all incredibly excited for it.




The Midnight Station


Indeed, this is one of the first true group projects from us at Anjin (A lot of other projects were just myself or another involved from a beta-testing standpoint). We’re super amped, super excited and super thrilled to get this off the ground and flying. It’s only a few minutes till the page opens it’s doors and unleashes the download build for the game for all to play (no doubt with bugs that may have slipped through the cracks). We’ve been testing, tweaking, retesting and implementing as much as possible for the game, and by jove it’s been a hell of a ride. It’s a strange kind of feeling, sitting here typing this all up to preface the release of a game that was initially for SpeccyJam2 but became something of a one month project. We’re posting it as a post-jam submission, but the game is big. It’ll take around 6 to 8, maybe more hours to cover all the content, secrets not included, and it’ll hopefully be the trippiest action RPG you play this side of the internet. There’s really not a good way to describe it other than it being shaped like itself. Well, The Midnight Station is kind of like The Midnight Station! You have to play it to understand what I mean.

Oh, and if you have any weird issues with Chrome saying it’s Malware? Ignore them. The file’s 100% clean, I scanned it myself. It’s because of how Chrome handles new links online and dropbox. It’s clean!


Beyond all this, lets get to a quick roundup of recent questions!


So The Midnight Station just got released. How do I download it?

The answer my friend is as simple as it looks.  You can grab it from here at https://studio-anjin.co.uk/the-midnight-station/ by clicking on the download button in the HTML5 page. I’ll also be throwing up a normal HTML page soon with other version included (we’re getting this out for Mac and Linux eventually! Just hold steady folks).

Download Links

Windows Version:

Direct Download: Grab the zip!

Struggling to download? Save us some bandwidth and use one of these mirrors:

MediaFire: Grab the zip! Don’t forget to read the manual!


Okay, so what about Getsuyaiba Gaiden/Densetsu?

If this Jam, the previous Jam, and just, game development as a whole goes, there’s one thing that’s certain; it takes a long, LONG time to make games. Getsuyaiba was initially conceived as an entry for Insanity Jam 2 but grew far beyond the kind of scope capable for a Jam, and the same goes for The Midnight Station. What was considered to be a week long game took around a month, but it’s a large and fleshed out world that wouldn’t have been possible with the time limit, we wanted to take the theme and run with it. All the way.

Getsuyaiba is basically the same thing, except we want to do that the full nine yards. Getsuyaiba’s getting a graphical upgrade, we’re shifting from the NES era to something much more akin to say Valkyrie Profile in terms of presentation and audio. If anyone out there is in touch with William Kage or other Soundfont guys, we could really use a Valkyrie Profile soundfont or anything Motoi as all hell for organs solos and swelling choirs! In all seriousness though, Getsuyaiba’s been moved to “when we get it done”. It’s certainly being worked on, that’s for sure, but what you’ll see when we get to posting it around should excite you immensely. Basically, if you took the elements of Gradius, threw them into an explorative style set of dungeons ala Castlevania: SotN with splashings of Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z and Wuxia martial arts films, that is Getsuyaiba in a nutshell. For the future, yes, but sooner than you may think!

Well, what about Game of Throne(s)?

Aah, a good question with a good answer! This basically boils down to the same thing stated above; games take time. We’ve been working on Game of Throne for a bit and the demo shown at SGDQ was just the tip of the iceberg regarding the content being thrown into it. We’ve got a lot of gameplay elements that we can’t show off because of obvious reasons, but we’re trying our hardest to pump the game out before it becomes culturally irrelevant. Naturally it’s a game to promote charity and donating to AGDQ, SGDQ and other such gaming events, so we want to make it fun to watch as well as play. A lot of humour is tongue in cheek, not all of it is referential to Game of Thrones (but it helps!) and as a not-for-profit kind of thing we want to make sure we don’t rush out demos and versions and just end up with something that isn’t fun or funny. We’ve been talking about making the game revolve more around Dinklage’s Wild Adventures but that’s all up in the air, what is happening is that the game WILL get a demo release sometime very soon in the near future, just not in September (sorry folks. It’s already been and gone!). After the first demo comes out we’ll be focusing on finishing the game so everyone has something to look forward to when the series kicks off again, be it accurate to the novels or not (it totally isn’t.)

What can we expect from folks now in the future?

Game of Throne is probably the most immediate thing coming forth unless I get obsessive over another Jam and drag everyone through hell and back to finish it. Beyond Game of Throne there is -another- project which is super secret and super confidential that we can’t talk about, but trust us, when you see it revealed, minds -will- be blown. Completely and absolutely. There’s also Barkley 2, which I’m programming up a storm on after recovering from TGS (which was amazing, shout outs to all the developers I got to see there and to Liam Raum for making it all possible! (If you’re not in the know, he’s the guy who runs Tales of Game’s). It’s a lot of plate spinning, a lot of juggling, but that ain’t stopping us now!


That’s enough from me, 10 minutes stand between everyone and the Midnight Station. Chaps, let’s raise our glasses to many, MANY more games to come, we’ve all crunched hard and long for this, we really hope you enjoy it! Until next time chaps ;).



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